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Week Thirty
The Knife by Leena Reghunath; Illustration by Akshaya Zachariah for

The Knife

52 Detail
Firebrand revolutionary, renowned administrator, betrayed communist icon. K.R. Gouri will go down in history as one of the tallest leaders of her time and place.
leena gita reghunath
Week Twenty Nine
The Cure by Kiran Kumbhar; Illustration by Akshaya Zachariah for

The Cure

52 Detail
When it comes to life-saving, even India’s jingoists take modern medicine for granted. This is how that happened.
kiran kumbhar
Week Twenty Seven
Hathi by Supriya Roychoudhury; Illustration by Akshaya Zachariah for


52 Detail
Millions suffered through terror and upheaval in the turbulent years following the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. One of them was a baby elephant from India.
supriya roychoudhury
Week Twenty Five
The Dig - Sowmiya Ashok; Illustration by Akshaya Zachariah on

The Dig

52 Detail
The Keeladi excavations may alter the world’s ideas about the earliest Indians. But progress hasn’t been smooth for one of the country’s most sensational archaeological projects.
sowmiya ashok

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