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Is there gay marriage in India?

In 2018, the Supreme Court decriminalised homosexuality however same sex marriages are not recognised by law in India as of now 2022.

As of 2022 same-sex marriages in India are not recognised by the law. In the landmark judgement of 2018 (Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India), the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples would be granted the basic right of companionship so long as it is consensual and without coercion or force. The Court clarified that marriage between two individuals of the same sex would not be recognised under any law. This came as Article 377 (criminalising sexual relaions between homsexual individuals) was finally decriminalised, overturning the Courts 2013 judgement.

Even without any legal backing, many same-sex couples have decided to go ahead and get married. These marriages have been referred to as ‘social marriages’. However, their decisions have not come without its own set of hurdles. From finding wedding locations to priests and caterers, the social backlash faced by same sex couples in India is immense. Many couples have resorted to going abroad to get married as in the case of Gourav and Kahran. Kahran is a US citizen. His parents are accepting of his relationship with Gourav. On the other hand, Gourav, an Indian citizen, is still in the process of convincing his parents of his relationship with Kahran. The two have explored the idea of getting married in Gibraltar, where the law permits couples to get a wedding license within 24 hours of being there.