What is Saddar in Karachi known for?

Why Saddar is Karachi's most bustling district

Saddar is one of the most bustling and cosmopolitan districts in Karachi, itself one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in South Asia.

A central business district during British colonial rule, Saddar is now a haven for shopping, history, architectural interest, and business alike. 

Saddar, in Urdu, means centre, or head: a testament to the geographic importance of the district. Saddar houses most of the provincial government offices of Pakistan in its colonial structures. It is also where some of Karachi’s major churches, schools and offices are. Saddar also inhabits some of the oldest monuments of Pakistan.

Saddar offers a slice of itself to all those who visit it. For nostalgists, it represents the timeless charm of red-brick buildings and a history that goes back to Pakistan’s Gilded Age. For younger cosmopolitans, it represents an ever-growing culture of modernisation, replete as it is with shopping malls and urban cafes. Saddar district as it stands is a unique blend of the old and new, a symbol of modern-day Pakistan.