When was President’s Rule first imposed in India?

What is President's Rule, and when did it come about?

President’s rule was first imposed in India in Punjab on 20th June, 1951.

The state was under President’s rule for almost a year until 17th April, 1952. It was imposed because of infighting in the Indian National Congress.

Article 356 of the Indian Constitution pertains to the imposition of President’s rule over a certain state or Union territory. By this provision, if a state is unable to function according to Constitutional provisions, the Union government seizes control over the state machinery. President’s rule implies the suspension of the state government and a direct imposition of the rule of the Union government over the state. When a state government functions correctly, it is run by an elected council of ministers, led by a democratically elected Chief Minister.

With the imposition of President's rule, the council of ministers is dissolved and the Chief Ministerial house is vacated.