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colin daileda

Colin Daileda is a freelance journalist in Bengaluru, India. He has written for The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The News Minute, and many others, and now often writes about climate change and environmental degradation. When he is not doing that, he is maybe playing basketball or eating a doughnut.

Stories colin has worked on

Storm Catchers by Colin Dadelia; Illustration by Bhavya Arora (3 Sided Coin) for

Storm Catchers

A group of Indian scientists are testing out a new monsoon forecasting model, and it might just be the most important achievement of 21st century meteorology.
The Slide by Colin Daileda; Illustration by Akshaya Zachariah for
Season Two

The Slide

For years, Himachal Pradesh was on an environmental precipice, brought to the brink by official neglect. A murderous showdown at a Kasauli hotel laid the fault lines bare.
01 Oct 22